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We are keen to keep our clients, colleagues, friends and family up to date with our progress as an architectural design practice and on our projects. We treat all interested Parties in working with us as Friends. Therefore, we share our happy moments with you all.

WAF 2021

We are pleased to announce that our project The Memorial: A Celebration of Life in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon has been shortlisted for the prestigious @worldarchfest (WAF2021) Awards in the category 'Civic - Future Project'.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the world! ♥️♥️

At iOsef Architects, each of our projects is designed with care and love! On this special occasion, we got inspired from the work of Edward Hopper that marks well the universal emotions of the last 12 months, add to that the hope from Banksy topped up with the many appraisals we produced this year!
Paintings: Edward Hopper and Banksy
Music: bensound.com
Design: iOsef Architects

Memorial_View 03.JPG

The Memorial

The design reflects some thoughts about Birth, Life, Death and the After. This is represented by two main walls that their architectural language changes depending on the functions that lie behind. It is a dance between Life and Death.

Inspired from the work of Robert Therrien, 2003, Tate Modern

The residential development explores the question of scale within its context by bringing the mansard to the street level . This will generate a controversial contrast between scale and a pleasant interior by living the space from within.


Responsive Design

Our approach is to develop the project in 3 blocks that step down towards the southeast and generate urban voids to reduce the possibility of creating an elongated wall.  This approach allows to provide openings within the site and avoid overlooking the neighbours.  At Clapham Road, the massing depth is a continuity of the 2 listed buildings. The back bit of the listed site sits within the extension of the void created at the back. This approach sits harmoniously within the urban context. It adds value to the Urban Cluster by creating a quality enclosure to the courtyards and back gardens. 

iOsef Architects Website Goes Online

On 15 November 2019, iOsef Architects went online. November will be a trial period to check if there are any bugs and make sure everything is working well.

Fingers crossed!

iOsef Architect BLACK_Square.jpg

Launching Teaser Campaign

iOsef Architects posted on Instagram their teaser campaign about launching their website. It is planned to be online by 31 July 2019.


All the best of Luck!